From fear of the unknown - to celebration of a new life!
There's so much you can expect during this exciting new season

Let us walk you through some of the important stages to help guide you through what to expect during your pregnancy.

The First Trimester
We want to meet you to get everything started.

You're pregnant!  Give us a call and we'll set up a first appointment around 8 weeks to:

  • get to know you
  • learn your history
  • organize bloodwork & ultrasounds
  • discuss genetic screening
  • register for the hospital
  • answer your questions
  • provide information for the journey ahead
The Second Trimester
We will be there when you're hitting your stride.

The second trimester is when people start to comment on your glow. We know there's a lot going on so you'll want to come see us every four weeks. This trimester also includes:

  • a detailed ultrasound at 20-22 weeks
  • a gestational diabetes test at 24-26 weeks
  • discussion of vaccinations in pregnancy
  • consideration of prenatal courses
The Third Trimester
We'll make sure you're ready for that big day.

Come visit every 2 weeks (and every week after 36 weeks). There will be a lot to talk about as you prepare for labour.

During this time you will: 

  • Pay closer attention to your baby's movement
  • Do a Group B Strep swab around 36 weeks
  • Discuss labour & delivery
  • Register for and take a prenatal course
  • Pack your hospital bag
  • Take a virtual tour of the maternity ward
Labour & Delivery
What To Do When It's Finally Time

When you think you’re in labour or if your water breaks, it's time to see us at the Maternity Ward at ARH located on the 4th floor.

At the hospital you'll be assessed by a maternity nurse who will then notify the doctor on call, who will take care of you. A doctor from our team is always available, helping you through this critical time in your journey.

After delivery, we continue working with the nurses to take care of you and your baby each day that you're in the hospital.

Preparing for Labour
Postpartum Care
Making the most of these precious early days.

As you adjust to life with a newborn, you may be flooded with new experiences and questions. During these first few weeks, we will see you and your baby as often as necessary in the clinic. We will help you with common postpartum issues, such as:

  • breastfeeding
  • monitoring newborn growth and development
  • healing after delivery
  • mental health concerns