The COVID-19 pandemic is an evolving situation.
Important Information for Your Care at Abbotsford Maternity Group:
  • If you have travelled outside of Canada in the 14 days before your office appointment, please call the office before your appointment so appropriate arrangements can be made to re-schedule your appointment
  • if you have respiratory symptoms and/or fever, please call the office before entering the office so that we can plan for safe care for all our patients.
  • Our office will be limited to patients only (any other visitors accompanying you will be asked to wait outside the office). In the case of requiring translation, an exception will be made.
  • To best protect all patients, Abbotsford Hospital has also limited visitors to direct family members only.


Are You Wondering How COVID-19 Affects Pregnant Women?

It is known that with other viruses like influenza, pregnant women can get sicker than non-pregnant women. So far, no studies have shown this with COVID-19, but we will continue to watch closely.

How can your protect yourself and your family?

The most important steps you can take are regular hand washing and avoiding touching your face. Clean your hands regularly with soap and water or alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

Links for further information on COVID & pregnancy: